Our Facility

Based on our manufacturing experience, Al-Esnad’s Riyadh-based facility was one of the few private Saudi facilities to meet the demanding Saudi requirements for parts’ manufacturing. The factory is also the focal point of Al-Esnad’s efforts at localizing the manufacturing capabilities and know-how, and cooperation with international companies.

Located in Riyadh’s Industry Zone 3, the 13,000 m2 facility has four production bays, each equipped with an overhead crane that can carry weights up to 10 tons. Al-Esnad factory specializes in machining, forming, welding, assembly, coating, and painting capabilities. That is summarized in manufacturing of parts and accessories of vehicles’ engines. Thereby, clients always get results and solutions with the trademark Al-Esnad quality and professionalism.

Al-Esnad’s facility has numerous certifications, including:



Al-Esnad Facility Panorama

A panoramic view of the Al-Esnad Facility

The facility is comprised of two main buildings, each about 6000 m2 in size. Building A, the right-side building in the photo, was opened in 2014, and contains the workshops for:

  • Cable Harnesses: 250 m2
  • Shop Floor: 5,000 m2
  • Assembly: 250 m2
  • Quality lab: 36 m2
  • CMM room: 25 m2
  • Sand Blast room: Outside building

Building B, the left-side building in the photo was established in 2017, and houses more production bays, along with double-story offices and warehouses.