Integration & Installation

For several years now, Al-Esnad has been integrating and installing equipment and systems on several vehicle types at their Saudi-based factory. The installations are done by expert engineers who have years of experience and knowledge.

  • Navigation & GPS systems for land vehicles, to enable troops to find their way on the battlefield
  • Fire Suppression systems to combat blazes on vehicles to minimize damage to them
  • Communication systems to allow troops and vehicles to coordinate with each other on the field
  • GPKs (Gunner Protection Kits) and EPKs (Engine Protection Kits) to protect the lives of soldiers on vehicle platforms like the Humvee and M113 APC
  • Ammunition and Weapons Stowage compartments to keep firearms, hand weapons, and rounds safe from the heat of battle
  • EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) equipment to diffuse unexploded bombs and landmines, protecting troops and enabling them to carry out their missions safely
  • Jamming kits to scramble enemy communications

In addition, Al-Esnad can integrate any piece of equipment onto almost any vehicle, in accordance to client specifications. Al-Esnad’s talented and professional engineers have the capability to craft unique solutions that accomplish the client’s mission.