About Al-Esnad

Chairman’s Message

“At Al-Esnad, we excel to achieve success. We do whatever it takes for our partners to succeed in an ethical manner, and working as a team, actively listening, and taking leadership, all help to create and sustain success, which fuels our pride in being named to be a part of the 2030 Strategic Vision set by our Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister, and Minister of Defence Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.”

Chairman, Al-Esnad Est., for Military Supplies


Our History

Al-Esnad Est., for Military Supplies was founded in 1993, and over the last two decades, Al-Esnad has proudly maintained a remarkable reputation with its customers and partners in the Defense and Security Sector of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Al-Esnad pays attention to the rapid changes in the environment and deals with uncertainty systematically as a source of adding value to its ecosystem. Al-Esnad embraces technological change and uses a flexible structure to cope with and meet international standards.

Al-Esnad is proud to have its own manufacturing facility – a foundation that is driven by the 2030 Strategic Vision. By harvesting local Saudi talent, manufacturing superior-quality products, and completing services at superior quality, Al-Esnad is proud to be a leading military supplies and manufacturing company in Saudi Arabia.


Vision & Mission Statements

Our vision is to be a premier Saudi Arabian company in Defense and Security, with innovation, trustworthiness, and value-addition.

Our mission is to deliver satisfying solutions to our customers, maintaining core competences, continuing growth by harvesting local talent, manufacturing superior-quality products, and investing in cutting-edge technology.


Core Values

At Al-Esnad, we operate on a set of values that allow us to maintain a close relationship with clients, and produce high-quality products to satisfy those clients’ needs:

  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Collaboration
  • Continuous improvement
  • Compliance
  • Innovation
  • Ethical
  • Customer Centrality
  • Commitment to Customers and Partners
  • Delivering on our promises



Al-Esnad is fully certified for ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015, and operates a QMS (Quality Management System) in accordance to the ISO guidelines. It operates a Carl Zeiss-made CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine), which measures 1200 x 1800 x 1000 mm, to check the accuracy of parts manufactured in Al-Esnad’s factory.

ASTM B117 salt spray tests are also conducted on parts, as well as a certified dye penetrant and magnetic particle control test. In addition, thorough quality inspections of materials and parts are done throughout the different processes by trained and expert staff.